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Conversions Franc Suisse Dollar

1 CHF 0.00 USD
5 CHF 0.00 USD
10 CHF 0.00 USD
25 CHF 0.00 USD
50 CHF 0.00 USD
100 CHF 0.00 USD
500 CHF 0.00 USD
1'000 CHF 0.00 USD
5'000 CHF 0.00 USD
10'000 CHF 0.00 USD
50'000 CHF 0.00 USD

Conversions Dollar Franc Suisse

1 USD 0.00 CHF
5 USD 0.00 CHF
10 USD 0.00 CHF
25 USD 0.00 CHF
50 USD 0.00 CHF
100 USD 0.00 CHF
500 USD 0.00 CHF
1'000 USD 0.00 CHF
5'000 USD 0.00 CHF
10'000 USD 0.00 CHF
50'000 USD 0.00 CHF

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convertir francs suisses en dollars

Swiss franc to dollar (CHF/USD) converter

Despite the difference in size, Switzerland and the USA are two nations with a high international currency value. This means that many foreign exchange transactions take place between the two parties on an ongoing basis. What used to be done through traditional exchange offices is now done through the online foreign exchange network via conversion sites, which are easy to use and within everyone's reach. These conversion sites, like Telexoo, have the advantage of offering both transparency and confidentiality. The online converter has become the indispensable tool for anyone wishing to exchange Swiss francs into US dollars.

évolution franc suisse dollar

Evolution of the exchange rate of the Swiss franc and the dollar

Avec le convertisseur en ligne, la conversion est ultra rapide.

Connecté en temps réel aux fluctuations du marché monétaire, Telexoo est à même de proposer pour chaque transaction un prix en dessous du marché officiel.

Avec ce convertisseur de devises en ligne, vous êtes exonéré des frais interbancaires, ce qui vous permet de réaliser des économies sur chaque opération de change.

CHF au dollar economique

Switch from CHF to USD and from USD to CHF with savings

If your exchange rate reaches significant amounts, the savings will be calculated on a pro rata basis. The online currency converter is a reliable, fast and regulated system. Every transaction is secure and allows you to carry out your foreign exchange transactions with complete confidence from wherever you are. The savings compared to the traditional system are clearly displayed on the home page.

comparaison chf dollar

Site comparison

Telexoo is one of those conversion sites validated by the regulations in force in all countries. Each customer is identified and there is a real charter of trust between the two parties, where transparency and security are the key words. Here, each transaction is studied under a magnifying glass in order to propose the best rate to the customers.

raison d'utiliser telexoo

Reasons to use Telexoo

Telexoo's reputation is based on its strength in the foreign exchange markets. This converter can indeed offer very interesting rates thanks to its close relationship with its customers, without intermediaries. Its operation, legal and transparent, makes it a conversion tool used by both professionals and private individuals. Available on the web as well as on a tablet, it is an everyday accompaniment for those who need to make transactions, at any time of the day or night.

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