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Euro-Hong Kong Dollar Converter

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1 EUR = 8.4754 HKD

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Interbank exchange rate EUR/HKD

(Last updated on 20/05/2024 16:30)

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Conversions Euro Dollar de Hong Kong

1 EUR 8.48 HKD
5 EUR 42.38 HKD
10 EUR 84.75 HKD
25 EUR 211.89 HKD
50 EUR 423.77 HKD
100 EUR 847.54 HKD
500 EUR 4'237.70 HKD
1'000 EUR 8'475.40 HKD
5'000 EUR 42'377.00 HKD
10'000 EUR 84'754.00 HKD
50'000 EUR 423'770.00 HKD

Conversions Dollar de Hong Kong Euro

1 HKD 0.12 EUR
5 HKD 0.59 EUR
10 HKD 1.18 EUR
25 HKD 2.95 EUR
50 HKD 5.90 EUR
100 HKD 11.80 EUR
500 HKD 58.99 EUR
1'000 HKD 117.99 EUR
5'000 HKD 589.94 EUR
10'000 HKD 1'179.89 EUR
50'000 HKD 5'899.43 EUR

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convertisseur euros dollars hongkongais

Converter from euros (EUR) to Hong Kong dollars (HKD)

Gone are the days when exchanging money was part of the fighter's journey. Today, with Telexoo, everything has become astonishingly easy. Conversion is done at the speed of a mouse click, wherever you are in the world. Changing your euros into Hong Kong dollars has never been easier.

Evolution taux de change eur hkd

How does the Hong Kong dollar exchange rate change?

The Hong Kong dollar is not a very volatile currency, in fact it is quite stable. The online converter allows you to be informed of all market fluctuations every 15 minutes, just as if you were working at the stock exchange. So with Telexoo you won't have any unpleasant surprises when converting your currencies, because everything is transparent and complies with the legislation.

comment convertir euros en dollars hongkongais

How to convert Euros into Hong Kong dollars via Telexoo?

Telexoo plays the card of simplicity because it is an online converter open to those who are used to change as well as to others, more occasional. To have access to all the services of the platform, you must first identify yourself. This ultra-fast procedure then allows you to order currencies after having paid the money into a secure account. 24 hours later, the new currencies are available on your account. It couldn't be simpler. What's more, everything is secure and complies with the law. Thanks to the competitive rates offered by Telexoo, you save money on every transaction.

quels services vous propose telexoo

What services does Telexoo offer you?

Telexoo goes out of its way to give you the best rates thanks to its system without intermediaries. This is how it is very much ahead of the offers of the banking institutions, because changing money at Telexoo, it costs nothing, on the contrary, it pays off. No additional costs, no unpleasant surprises, no disadvantageous exchange rates. Always the best solution chosen in a well-defined context.

pourquoi utiliser telexoo

Why use Telexoo?

With Telexoo, you save a lot of time. Users can change money at any time of the day or night, at home or while traveling, from their computer, tablet or phone. If you encounter a problem, you can reach an advisor on a hotline. At Telexoo, customer relations are at the heart of the project. Because money needs trust to be converted.

service fiable et sécurisé

A reliable and secure service

Security at Telexoo is sacred. The site has the best protections to accompany your transactions. The trip is fast and confidential. Your money can rest easy.

Try Telexoo, create a free account in just 5 mins!

No commitment, use Telexoo whenever you want. With no account fees, Telexoo adapts to your needs.