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Dollar to New Zealand Dollar Converter

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1 USD = 1.6353 NZD

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USD/NZD interbank exchange rate

(Last updated on 20/05/2024 17:30)

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Conversions Dollar Dollar Néo-Zélandais

1 USD 1.64 NZD
5 USD 8.18 NZD
10 USD 16.35 NZD
25 USD 40.88 NZD
50 USD 81.77 NZD
100 USD 163.53 NZD
500 USD 817.65 NZD
1'000 USD 1'635.30 NZD
5'000 USD 8'176.50 NZD
10'000 USD 16'353.00 NZD
50'000 USD 81'765.00 NZD

Conversions Dollar Néo-Zélandais Dollar

1 NZD 0.61 USD
5 NZD 3.06 USD
10 NZD 6.12 USD
25 NZD 15.29 USD
50 NZD 30.58 USD
100 NZD 61.15 USD
500 NZD 305.75 USD
1'000 NZD 611.51 USD
5'000 NZD 3'057.54 USD
10'000 NZD 6'115.09 USD
50'000 NZD 30'575.43 USD

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change de dollars en dollars néo-zélandais

Telexoo for your foreign exchange transactions from dollars (USD) to New Zealand dollars (NZD).

Sometimes the solution comes where you least expect it. With Telexoo, the fear of changing money is over. No more artistic blur around currency conversion. At Telexoo, everything is professional, fast, secure, and accessible to all. From now on, changing money will become a pleasure, and above all, a way to save money.

fluctuation taux de change usd nzd

Fluctuations in the USD/NZD exchange rate

Telexoo is a kind of instrument that allows to measure the fluctuations of all the currencies of the world. Nothing escapes it, neither the rise of the yen nor the stability of the New Zealand dollar. This online converter has become a landmark in the world of foreign exchange. Always wait for his advice before making a conversion.

convertir vos usd en nzd

How to convert your USD to NZD with Telexoo?

It all starts with an online registration, both fast and free. Once you become a member, click on the currency pair you are interested in, in this case USD-NZD. Transfer your US Dollars and in return you will receive the equivalent in New Zealand Dollars. It's fast and in full compliance with current legislation. An official document is sent to you after each transaction.

qu'offre telexoo comme services

What services does Telexoo offer ?

Telexoo offers you the possibility to save money thanks to its very competitive rates. Because Telexoo does not take any additional fees, no commissions, no subscription, no kickbacks! Everything is legal and of a transparency which reassures. No more need to travel. Stay at home in front of your screen, and change money while listening to music. Telexoo takes care of your currencies.

pourquoi utiliser telexoo

Why use Telexoo?

Telexoo works with the times and meets the needs of its users who are always looking for more security, speed and confidentiality. Telexoo anticipates to offer a whole range of services that meet the expectations of the public. This is undoubtedly the reason for its success. It brings a real plus in the world of foreign exchange.

service sécurisé et fiable

A highly secure and reliable service

At Telexoo, we don't joke about security or pirates. Everything is armoured so that your money can be free to convert into the currency of your choice. At Telexoo, it's a bit like family, on a human scale. If you wish to reach an advisor, a direct line is available. At Telexoo, make yourself at home, and your money will meet the currency that suits it.

Try Telexoo, create a free account in just 5 mins!

No commitment, use Telexoo whenever you want. With no account fees, Telexoo adapts to your needs.