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Euro to New Zealand Dollars Converter

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1 EUR = 1.7770 NZD

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EUR/NZD interbank exchange rate

(Last updated on 20/05/2024 16:15)

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Conversions Euro Dollar Néo-Zélandais

1 EUR 1.78 NZD
5 EUR 8.89 NZD
10 EUR 17.77 NZD
25 EUR 44.43 NZD
50 EUR 88.85 NZD
100 EUR 177.70 NZD
500 EUR 888.50 NZD
1'000 EUR 1'777.00 NZD
5'000 EUR 8'885.00 NZD
10'000 EUR 17'770.00 NZD
50'000 EUR 88'850.00 NZD

Conversions Dollar Néo-Zélandais Euro

1 NZD 0.56 EUR
5 NZD 2.81 EUR
10 NZD 5.63 EUR
25 NZD 14.07 EUR
50 NZD 28.14 EUR
100 NZD 56.27 EUR
500 NZD 281.37 EUR
1'000 NZD 562.75 EUR
5'000 NZD 2'813.73 EUR
10'000 NZD 5'627.46 EUR
50'000 NZD 28'137.31 EUR

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effectuez vos changes euros dollars néo0zélandais

Exchange Euros (EUR) to New Zealand Dollars (NZD) quickly with Telexoo.

Because it is necessary to adapt to the needs of the population, Telexoo has created the online converter. Without it, the currency exchange world would be bankrupt. He invented extreme speed, the magical transformation of money, the sublimation of cash. Telexoo brings the science of currency conversion to the general public as well as to professionals. It is the tool of tomorrow available today. Because from now on, with a single click, you can change your euros into New Zealand dollars.

comment fluctue taux de change eur nzd

How does the EUR-NZD exchange rate fluctuate?

The New Zealand dollar never gets better than when it is managed by Telexoo. This online converter allows currencies to outdo each other and transform with new strengths. Telexoo equips currencies for international travel. While converting, money doesn't lose its value, it's still as strong as ever, thanks to the preferential rates offered by Telexoo.

convertir vos eur en nzd

Steps to convert your EUR to NZD with Telexoo

Like all great inventions, Telexoo is based on simple principles: meeting the needs of users. The public is looking for operations that are fast, efficient, economical, secure and confidential. With Telexoo, everything is possible. Money breathes across borders. It changes its name or appearance, but it is still strong in its power of development. Telexoo provides a site where registration is fast. The user chooses his currency to convert and transfers the money on a confidential Iban. Then the new currencies are transferred to the account of his choice. An official document closes the operations. Everyone is happy, because with Telexoo: nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.

services proposés par telexoo

The services offered by Telexoo.

Telexoo offers you a range of services accessible from your home, hotel, airport... With your phone, tablet or computer, you become the master of the world. You can change any currency. You become the Merlin the enchanter of finance, the one who improves financial conversions. In short, you save on rates, big savings of up to 80%.

avantages d'utiliser telexoo

The advantages of using Telexoo

With Telexoo, even a small child could change money. Because everything is designed so that everything works perfectly, in total security, with an interface that makes you want to make big projects. An application that dreams of turning money into new adventures.

garantie d'un service sécurisé et clair

Telexoo, the guarantee of a secure and clear service.

Telexoo is subject to the strictest regulations. There are no unpleasant surprises. On the contrary, the competitiveness of the rates invites total optimism.

Try Telexoo, create a free account in just 5 mins!

No commitment, use Telexoo whenever you want. With no account fees, Telexoo adapts to your needs.