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Euro to Canadian dollar converter

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1 EUR = 1.4784 CAD

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Interbank exchange rate EUR/CAD

(Last updated on 20/05/2024 17:30)

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Conversions Euro Dollar Canadien

1 EUR 1.48 CAD
5 EUR 7.39 CAD
10 EUR 14.78 CAD
25 EUR 36.96 CAD
50 EUR 73.92 CAD
100 EUR 147.84 CAD
500 EUR 739.20 CAD
1'000 EUR 1'478.40 CAD
5'000 EUR 7'392.00 CAD
10'000 EUR 14'784.00 CAD
50'000 EUR 73'920.00 CAD

Conversions Dollar Canadien Euro

1 CAD 0.68 EUR
5 CAD 3.38 EUR
10 CAD 6.76 EUR
25 CAD 16.91 EUR
50 CAD 33.82 EUR
100 CAD 67.64 EUR
500 CAD 338.20 EUR
1'000 CAD 676.41 EUR
5'000 CAD 3'382.03 EUR
10'000 CAD 6'764.07 EUR
50'000 CAD 33'820.35 EUR

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convertir vos euros en dollars canadiens

Using Telexoo to convert your euros (EUR) into Canadian dollars (CAD)

Telexoo is certainly the simplest way today to convert currencies. No need to travel, everything is done at home, with a simple click. With real time access to the stock market, Telexoo puts all its expertise in foreign exchange at your disposal. Result: you save money while exchanging money.

fluctuations taux de change eur-cad

Fluctuations in the EUR-CAD exchange rate

The Canadian dollar doesn't move much, but at the same time, everything can change very quickly. That's why Telexoo's real time analysis allows you to take advantage of the most advantageous rates without commissions or account management fees. To change your euros into Canadian dollars, choose Telexoo, your money will thank you for being so well changed.

convertir vos chf en cad

How to convert your EUR to CAD with Telexoo ?

Nothing is easier than opening a Telexoo account. The registration procedure is simple and fast and then allows you to have access to the different services of the site. You are informed in real time about the nature of the course. When you want to change money, all you have to do is transfer the amount to a special account transmitted by Telexoo. You will then receive the equivalent in the new currency. It takes less than 48 hours to close an operation. Telexoo puts all its know-how to satisfy your needs for speed. Its competitive rate also allows you to save money on each transaction. To know that the more you change money the more important the savings are.

préférez telexoo aux institutions spécialisées change de devises

Prefer Telexoo to the services offered by institutions specialized in currency exchange.

Telexoo offers the same services as banks, but it will cost you less and transactions will be faster. The clear interface gives you access to all the necessary information. Everything is transparent, because Telexoo is subject to the regulations in force. As it does not deal with any intermediary, it is able to offer you lower rates than elsewhere. With Telexoo, speed, economy and transparency combine to offer you a cocktail where your money is king.

les avantages d'utiliser telexoo

The advantages of using Telexoo

Telexoo accumulates advantages. Its security system is no longer to be proven. A direct telephone line is available to users. Because at Telexoo, good customer relations are part of the company's philosophy. Once you have entered the Telexoo Club, there is no reason to leave. Every user, whether professional or novice, finds the tools that meet his or her expectations in terms of currency exchange.

garantie collaboration transparente et fiable

The guarantee of a transparent and reliable collaboration

There are never any additional costs. For each transaction carried out an official document is sent to you. Everything is transparent at Telexoo but also ultra confidential. You can trade with complete confidence, and if you need help, just ask.

Try Telexoo, create a free account in just 5 mins!

No commitment, use Telexoo whenever you want. With no account fees, Telexoo adapts to your needs.