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1 EUR = 11.7373 NOK

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Interbank exchange rate EUR/NOK

(Last updated on 24/04/2024 19:45)

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Conversions Euro Couronne Norvégienne

1 EUR 11.74 NOK
5 EUR 58.69 NOK
10 EUR 117.37 NOK
25 EUR 293.43 NOK
50 EUR 586.87 NOK
100 EUR 1'173.73 NOK
500 EUR 5'868.65 NOK
1'000 EUR 11'737.30 NOK
5'000 EUR 58'686.50 NOK
10'000 EUR 117'373.00 NOK
50'000 EUR 586'865.00 NOK

Conversions Couronne Norvégienne Euro

1 NOK 0.09 EUR
5 NOK 0.43 EUR
10 NOK 0.85 EUR
25 NOK 2.13 EUR
50 NOK 4.26 EUR
100 NOK 8.52 EUR
500 NOK 42.60 EUR
1'000 NOK 85.20 EUR
5'000 NOK 425.99 EUR
10'000 NOK 851.98 EUR
50'000 NOK 4'259.92 EUR

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convertisseur euros couronnes norvégiennes

Euro, Norwegian krone converter

Many are hesitating because of the online platform. The operation of the converter has been designed to be accessible to everyone, even those who are not used to using a computer. All users who have tried Telexoo will tell you that everything is perfectly clear. At Telexoo, we think of everyone and not only the big customers. Enter in a climate of confidence, you will not have any more complex to change your currencies online. It's just a matter of habit. Afterwards, you won't be able to do without it.

Evolution taux de change eur nok

Evolution of the EUR-NOK exchange rate

The Norwegian krone tends to stabilise. This is clearly shown in the graphical tables provided by Telexoo. It is important to have an online converter that is perfectly in tune with today's world. The stock market has no more secrets for him. This is why it can offer you really competitive rates.

convertir ses euros en couronne norvégienne

Converting Euros into Norwegian Kroner with Telexoo: How to use it

As soon as your registration is confirmed, Telexoo will confirm the opening of your profile and will send you a confidential IBAN account. From then on, you can convert all the currencies you want by initiating a transfer from your bank's ebanking to the IBAN transmitted by Telexoo. You transfer the amount you want, on a regular basis or not, it doesn't matter. When Telexoo has received your transfer, it will make the exchange and transfer it to the account of your choice. Please note that at each step of the procedure, confirmations are sent to you. Speed, transparency, efficiency. The operation takes 48 hours, sometimes less, depending on the currency to be converted.

telexoo au lieu des bureaux de change spécialisés

Using Telexoo instead of specialized exchange offices: an advantage.

The disadvantage of traditional banks or other exchange offices is that you will have to pay some transfer or account maintenance fees. This may be understandable in view of the fees they have to pay, but on Telexoo you will be able to carry out the best operations because the rates follow the interbank standards.

pourquoi se fier à telexoo

Why should you rely on Telexoo?

There are other conversion platforms but Telexoo is totally free and will not charge you any transfer fees. When you make your transfers, you will be able to save up to 80% on your payments in various currencies. Telexoo obviously makes a minimum margin in its rates but this is nothing compared to traditional banks.

transparence totale chez telexoo

Total transparency at Telexoo

After the completion of your transfers or payments in different currencies, Telexoo offers an excellent service. You can count on follow-up tools, confirmation e-mails and, of course, the possibility to reach our staff at any time.

Try Telexoo, create a free account in just 5 mins!

No commitment, use Telexoo whenever you want. With no account fees, Telexoo adapts to your needs.